The Japan Digital Orthodontic Society (JDOS) shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other norms of conduct in its handling of the personal information used by JDOS in its operations, voluntarily establishing rules and a management structure, and adopting, implementing, and maintaining the following policy to protect personal information.

  1. JDOS shall comply with laws and norms of conduct concerning the proper handling of personal information.
  2. JDOS shall clearly specify the purpose of use when collecting and retaining personal information, and shall not retain personal information except to the extent necessary to accomplish such purpose of use.
  3. The use of personal information by JDOS shall be limited to the purposes specified in its Constitution and Bylaws. JDOS shall not use or supply the personal information in its possession for any purpose other than such purposes of use, except as required by law.
  4. JDOS shall endeavor to ensure that the personal information in its possession is factual to the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose of use, and shall implement the necessary measures to prevent leaks of the personal information in its possession.
  5. JDOS shall continuously review and endeavor to improve its management structure and measures for the protection of personal information.